Lusine Drakos

Crystal | Malboro

Hi! Welcome to my portfolio! Down below are some collections of my Gpose pictures and glams that I have created. A mix of both personal pictures and commissions. Thank you for visiting and enjoy!

Animated Pictures

1 pose: 200k gil
2 poses: 250k gil
3 poses: 300k gil
+ 50k gil per additional person
Full Body
1 pose: 500k gil
2 poses: 750k gil
3 poses: 1 million gil
+100k per additional person
Photoshopped Picture
Each portrait: 2.5 million gil
Each Full body: 3.5 million gil
Animated Picture
5 million gil
Original Glam
300k per original glam
Software Used
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Lightroom
Luminar Neo
Please DM me via Twitter if none of these options apply,
you want to negotiate the price.

Check below to see more or DM me via Twitter!